About me

I am Michaela Burton, a vestibular audiologist, hypnotherapist and mind coach.


Based in Leicester since 2000 I have had the benefit of working with Prof. Peter Rea and Mr. Anil Banerjee, world renown consultants in balance assessment and treatment, for many years.


I have always found it very important to be a calm and approachable listener whilst helping people find what is right for them and assisting them achieve their aims in a way that provides the most benefit.


My experience in treating people with imbalance led me obtaining my MSc degree in Audiology rehabilitation with specific interest in the effects of anxiety in imbalance in 2011 from Aston University. Further to this I studied and gained the Diploma in hypnotherapy and mind coaching in Nottingham and more recently trainer as an NLP practitioner.


I take great joy and pride in being able to help people with both the physical rehabilitation of their balance system and in improving their mental well being, whether this is directly associated with imbalance or from other factors or circumstances.


It is a wonderful feeling for us both each time I see my clients successfully find relief and benefit when they do it differently!


  • "I saw Michaela for hypnotherapy on 2 occasions relating to an attack of vertigo. I was both amazed and delighted at how successful my treatment proved to be. Both treatments were relaxing, pleasant and really beneficial. Despite being anxious I was reassured throughout. In conjunction with the eye physiotherapy the treatment was successful. I cannot recommend Michaela highly enough - a dedicated professional with exactly the right empathetic approach" - V.B