Have you ever had the experience of being completely engrossed in a good book or film? Where your heart starts to beat faster as the anticipated outcome of the plot-line gets closer, or you feel invested in the well being of your favourite character? Or perhaps you are familiar with losing yourself into music?


This is the same state of mind we access in hypnotherapy. It is a mental state where we can communicate effectively and efficiently with our subconscious mind (where our 'Fight or Flight' responses arise), to explore and aid our understanding of the issues we face and to find a suitable new path in order to do it differently and do it better.


Anxiety and Stress

Hypnotherapy is extremely useful in helping find the root cause underlying our anxiety or stress response to a situation. Dealing with the emotional connection to the root cause effectively alters our understanding of the present situation and opens our awareness and access to doing things differently.


A phobic response is a heightened flight or flight response to something that does not warrant that degree of immediate reaction. We have become over-sensitive to certain triggers.

Hypnotherapy can help to identify where this response originated and provide understanding whilst also lessening or removing the emotional reaction that causes the distress now.